What is Crossfit?

The short answer:
  • Constantly Varied

    Every session is different

  • Functional Movement

    How we move in real life

  • (performed at) High Intensity

    Heart rate goes north!

The slightly longer answer:

CrossFit is a functional strength & conditioning program developed to make you confident & prepared for a broad range of physical tasks & whatever else life throws at you.

CrossFit can be done by anyone of any skill, age or background. Programming at CrossFit Ampthill delivers results for a wide range of needs; from general fitness to elite athletics & professional sports.

Whatever level of fitness you’re currently at, we WILL improve on that. We treat all our clients as “Athletes.”


Because Athletes experience protection against aging, disease & just have a better overall lifestyle. An 80-year-old Athlete is stronger than a 25 year old couch potato.

Athletes have greater bone density, stronger immune systems, less coronary heart disease, reduced cancer risk, fewer strokes, and are just generally happier people.

So, whether you think you are an Athlete or not, you actually are.