Are you ready for ‘The Open’?

At CrossFit Ampthill we’re building up to the Open in a big way this year. It’s going to be a lot of fun and you should definitely be getting involved.  The Open is a time of firsts and pushing yourself to do more than you thought you could. You’ll definitely surprise yourself.

In our normal day to day training, we’ll scale to the point that we’re achieving the desired training stimulus for that session. No one cares what scaling options or weight you used for that workout we did that one time on the 6th May; it’s all about working at the right intensity and time frame to get the effect we want. The Open is different. It’s a chance to have a go at things you wouldn’t normally, without the worry of not hitting the workout the way you should.

If 16.2 comes up (25 toes-to-bar, 50 double unders and 15 squat cleans) and you’ve never done toes-to-bar in a workout and can only get one or two double unders together, don’t necessarily jump straight for the scaled version. Even if you only manage to get one toes-to-bar in the whole workout, you’ll feel great for managing it and you’ll also automatically be scored higher than someone who did the scaled version (even if they got 20 rounds). It’s not about aiming for a certain number of rounds, it’s just pushing as much out of yourself as you can, whether that’s 5 reps or 500 reps.

For some people, entering the scaled division is equally, going to be a big step up, forcing you to try weights you’d never normally lift. Again even if you only get a couple of reps because you’ve never put 20kg above your head before, you still accomplished it and that is amazing. It’s testing, not training. A chance to see what we’re really capable of.

With this in mind, we want everyone to be able to shoot for more than you’ve done before in this years open, so we’re organising some workshops to help you get there. The open kicks off on 23rd February – so there’s plenty of time to get working on some new skills or improving our strength. If, with a bit of work in the lead up you can manage one or two reps of a new movement, you’ll be putting yourself in a great position to have a fun and motivating open season, as well as the chance of scoring more points for your teams!

So, need a hand getting your chin over the bar, a little extra help with your kip, scared of holding weight over your head or groan every time you see those dreaded double unders on the board (and pray todays scale isn’t tuck jumps!)? We’ve got you covered!

Whether you’re looking to work towards your first ever rep, need some efficiency tips so you can squeeze out a couple more on game day, or want to know how to improve your mobility to get into position easier, these workshops will be suitable for all.

Our workshops will run on Saturday mornings at 09:30am and will include;

Saturday 21st January – Work towards your first strict pullup with Emma Gosford

Saturday 28th January – Improve your Overhead squat with Aimee Cridland

Saturday 4th February – Take the wonder out of doubleunders with Cath Paterson

Saturday 11th February – Kip more efficiently (for pullups and toes to bar) with Matty H

Saturday 18th February – Reduce “row” rage with rowing coach Martin Smith

These sessions will include mobility exercises, skill transfer drills and training programs you can take away as homework to get you closer to achieving your goals in the build up to the Open. Great value at £10 each.

Keep your eye out for details of how to book and get involved with everything we have coming in the next few weeks 😀

– Coach Emma Gosford

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