Bobby ‘Balboa’ Doran

Saturdays expert found me as i was quing for the bar. Bobbing and weaving and really getting up my nose. “All he’s gotta do is throw a left hook and it’s over, I’d of finished this in the first” the young man exclaimed to the crowded bar at “The Last Man Standing” event in Bedford . It’s never hard to find an ‘expert’ a boxing event. Everyone’s got an opinion and are as brave as a Lion when you’ve got eight pints of Stella floating around. In reality though, how many people really have the minerals to learn a new skill, step between the ropes trade blows with someone in front of hundreds of people (including friends, family, and a former middleweight world champion)………….?


I remember when Bob first came in to CrossFit Ampthill. I liked him straight away as i quickly found we have a lot in common. Bob’s a local business owner too and also loves his football. Bob explained that he’d recently become a father, which had prompted him to come through our doors. He runs a minicab firm and being on the road at all hours and having to eat on the fly, Bob found himself heavier then he’d ever been. Worried that this continuing weight gain would negatively impact his relationship with his young son, we prescribed Bob some Personal Training before migrating him to our small group class’. He tweaked his diet and consistently showed up. The weight came off.

We check in with our members at least every 3 months , to see how trainings going etc. Bob told us he was thinking about doing a White collar boxing event. A very lofty goal considering he hadn’t boxed before and he had a business and a family to balance. He wanted a focus and a reason to lay off the booze. Even though his conditioning had improved, and I can hold a set of pads, I’m certainly not a boxing coach and couldn’t teach him how to box. We are generalists and what Bob needed now was a specialist. Having trained there myself once or twice, i happily sent him off to start training Lovell’s boxing gym in Bedford, confident they’d be able to get Bob ready for fight night.

We hear all the time, I’m gonna get fit, and then join the gym…… but it’s broken thinking. The coaches here are passionate about improving peoples fitness, they were all members once and are testament to how effective CrossFit can be in reclaiming your fitness. CrossFit develops that baseline, enabling you to do other things like learning to box, or simply playing with your kids.

Away from the gym in ‘normal’ clothes, celebrating Bobs victory

Saturday night was fantastic. I got to spend some time with some of the other members from the gym in real outside of the gym and also watch Bobby destroy his opponent in a little over 60 seconds. He looked like he’d been boxing for years, which is a credit to Max and his team but also to the time Bob has invested in himself. I’m almost certain Bob’ll be fighting again, which means i’m more likely to see him in a mini cab then in the gym, but i proud to of played a part in his journey so far and watch all his hard work pay off. Congratulations Bob. A well earn’t victory

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