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Damian Quinn

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"Training with other likeminded people is an absolute joy, it’s the community that makes this a place I want to go to.."

4 years ago I was diagnosed with Hyper Thyroidism (Over Active), with a resting heart rate of 136 bpm and a metabolism through the roof, I had to stop all forms of exercise and anything that could affect heart rate, after 18 months of treatment, the decision was taken to nuke it – which worked too well and now have Hypo Thyroidism (Under Active), after not doing any exercise for 18 months and now a very low metabolism, I piled the weight on and was way out of condition. Day to day jobs were hard and running after the kids even harder.

I needed to drastically improve my strength and fitness.

I joined CrossFit Ampthill, two years ago to see what it was all about – The taster Session crippled me and I couldn’t lift my arms for three days, this did not put me off though – I signed up for the On Ramp and quickly joined classes. The first twelve months were hard, learning new movements and concentrating on form, every session I turned up nervous about what the WOD would be.

Damo at CFA’s 2016 Halloween Event, Night of the Living Deadlift!

Another 12 months down the line and CrossFit Ampthill is my sanctuary 3 times per week, an opportunity to leave the pressures of the outside world behind. I document everything I do to see where the gains are or to improve strategy in the workouts, this gives me the satisfaction that I am improving, getting stronger and definitely fitter. I even look forward to the WOD! – Day to day now is a lot more simple, bend down to put shoes on – no problem, run around after the kids – easy, Hard day gardening – still have the energy to go out after!

Training with other likeminded people is an absolute joy, it’s the community that makes this a place I want to go to..

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