‘Metcon’ Ben Haughian

I was unhappy with my level of fitness and I had tried to go to normal conventional gyms before but lost interest after a few weeks.

I found Crossfit on YouTube and it looked interesting, so I researched my closest box and found Crossfit Ampthill. I was nervous at first to try Crossfit after seeing Crossfit on the internet. It seemed like it would be very daunting walking into a box in which the members had been doing it for a while. Also, I thought that I would be expected to be at a certain level of fitness before starting but all the workouts and movements were scaled to my ability. That’s one of the reasons of why it has been so enjoyable. My first impression was “Wow this is tough!” My impression now is still “Wow this is tough!”But in all seriousness, it has been AMAZING, from the variation of workouts, to the coaching team and also the other members. It is a really enjoyable environment to train in and the coaching team have been approachable and helpful from the very first day. When I first started I was using the black band to do only a few pull ups, now able to do pull ups without a band at all. Finishing my “on ramp” was a major achievement for me. I was so excited to start my first class and I’ve been hooked ever since

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