Philippa Laurie Bakker

I first heard about CrossFit in the playground from Zoe and Hayley. Having spent years doing no proper exercise I’d started trying to get fit doing some running, aerobics, personal training and stuff but had never managed to find anything I could stick with so decided to give it a go.

I was totally intimidated by the whole thing at first! Completely out of my comfort zone, even shaking with nerves before the class sometimes! Everyone was really nice but I couldn’t imagine being able to do half the stuff that other people were doing in the classes and worried if I was ever going to feel good enough to be there. But, also instantly feeling that this was finally an exercise class that was really going to make a difference judging from the muscle aches afterwards and how hard I felt I’d worked. I’d done thousands of squats in aerobic classes but this made me realise that I’d never done a proper squat before and I felt a lot of confidence in the coaches and the techniques.

Now, I’m still sometimes nervous before each class, especially if I think its going to involve running! But, all the times I’ve seen the whiteboard and thought there’s no way I’m going to manage that and thinking this is the class that’s going to break me it’s never happened! You always manage to do it one way or another in the end and that feels brilliant. And I love seeing the constant progress, getting PBs and being able to see how far I’ve come. And I’ve just never got bored of it as I have with other exercise as its always different and you’re always making progress so it never gets easier you just get better and can challenge yourself more.

I can’t think of one specific achievement from when I started as it was a gradual build up of getting a bit better each time. I think my main achievement is sticking with it long enough at the beginning until going twice a week became a habit and part of my life. Having never stuck to any exercise for very long I can’t imagine not going to Crossfit every week now.

I’ll still be practising that to get really confident and be able to do it in the WODs at some point. Double Unders are the next thing I’d like to achieve, a while back in a class I managed one but have never been able to repeat it so I haven’t cracked the technique yet.

I’ve had loads of highlights here , there’s been loads of funny moments in classes! Personally doing my first box jump on Friday has to be up there and taking part in the Nest Games in January which I was so nervous for, worried I was going to hold my team back but I really enjoyed and was pleased I managed to keep up! And then there’s memories like doing a running WOD and really struggling and another classmate running alongside me and keeping me going.

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