This week – 05/10/20


Deadlift and a Breathe & Burn workout. Warmup is Deadlift prep. Deadlift is Building to a heavy set of 4Workout Prep is Movement review & demo.   Workout is rounds of Ring MU, Hang Power Cleans, & Burpees over Bar.  Extra Credit is Aerobic Flush.                    

                Goal: <14:00.


Breathe & Burn workout and Core Accessory.  Warmup is Jump Rope & Core prep.  Workout Prep is Double Under practice.   Workout is a Row buy-in into ascending reps of Double Unders with a static set of Toes to Bar ending each round.  Finisher is Rotational Core accessory.  Extra Credit is Calf & Core Mobility.                    

                Goal: <15:00.


Thrusters and a Power Output workout.  Warmup is Thruster prep.  Thrusters are Building to a heavy reps. Workout Prep is Airbike review.   Workout is heavy Thrusters into a 15s Max Airbike, rest 3:00 and repeat 4-6times.  Extra Credit is Aerobic Flush.   


Weightlifting and a Breathe & Burn workout.  Warmup is Weightlifting prep.  Weightlifting is a 12 min EMOM of 1Power Clean & Jerk.  Workout Prep is American KbS review & practice.   Workout is 12 minutes of Strict Pullups, GHD Situps, & American KbS.  Extra Credit is Lat & Glute Mobility.                    

                Goal: 6+ Rounds.


Breathe & Burn workout and Core Accessory.  Warmup is Squat & Running prep.  Workout Prep is Movement review & demo.   Workout is Descending reps of Goblet Squats & Box Jumps with a Run to finish each round.  Finisher is Core Accessory.  Extra Credit is Aerobic Flush.                    

                Goal: -<25:00.


Bodybuilding workout and Arm Accessory.  Warmup is Shoulder & Core prep.  Workout Prep is Movement review & demo.   Workout is 30 minutes of Barbell Rows, Strict Press, RDLs, & Ring Pushups with some Single Unders and Front Rack Carries mixed in.  Finisher is Arm Accessory.  Extra Credit is Full Body Mobility.      

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