THIS WEEK – 19/10/20

Happy Sunday guys!

Monday is Deadlift (week 3) and a Breathe & Burn workout.  Warmup is Deadlift & Weightlifting prep.  Deadlift is Building to a Heavy set of in sets.  Workout Prep is Clean Progressions.   Workout is quick rounds of Hang Power Cleans, HR Pushups, & Box Jumps.  Extra Credit is Bodybuilding.                    

                Goal: <10:00.

Tuesday is a Heavy Breathing → Muscular Burn workout and Lower Body Accessory.  Warmup is General movement prep.  Workout Prep is Doubleunder review & practicer.   Workout is 1:00 stations of Airbike/Ski, Front Squats,& Doubleunders for rounds with a 1:00 rest to end each round.  Finisher is Lower Body Accessory.  Extra Credit is Lower Body Mobility.                    

                Goal: 350+ Reps.

Wednesday is Pullups and a Breathe & Burn workout.  Warmup is Pullup & Hinge prep.  Pullups are WtD Pullups every min x 6.  Workout Prep is Movement review & demo.   Workout is Descending reps of Db Snatch & Abmat Situps with BMU at the end of each round.  Extra Credit is Aerobic Flush.                    

                Goal: <20:00.

Thursday is a CPE → Power Output workout.  Warmup is Thruster prep.  Workout Prep is Review & build Thrusters.   Workout is Every min alt. Between 15 Cal Row, 12 Burpees w/ vertical jump, Thrusters at max effort.  Extra Credit is Bodybuilding.           

Friday is Snatch and a Breathe & Burn workout.  Warmup is Snatch & Ring Dip Prep.  Snatch is Building to a Heavy Power Snatch.  Workout Prep is Movement review & demo.   Workout is 20 minutes of Russian KbS, Ring Dips, & a 400m Run.  Extra Credit is Aerobic Flush.                    

                Goal: 5+ Rounds.
Saturday is a Muscular Burn workout and Core Accessory.  Warmup is Rope Climb & Pistol prep.  Workout Prepis Rope Climb review & practice.   Workout is rounds of GHD Situps, Rope Climbs, Pistols, & a Farmers Carry.  Finisher is Core Accessory.  Extra Credit is Mobility.   

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