This Week – 21/09/20

Happy Sunday guys! Here’s this weeks programming.


Heavy Breathing → Muscular Burn workout.  Warmup is Full Body prep.  Workout Prep is a Running warm up.   Workout is a min AMRAP of Row & Doubleunders, a 2:30 rest then 5 min AMRAP of Running & L-Sit, Rest 2:30 & repeat.  Extra Credit is Full Body Mobility.                    

                Goal: 250+ Reps.


Squat Endurance and a Muscular Burn workout.  Warmup is Squat prep.  Squat Endurance is Build to a Heavy 20 rep Back Squat.  Workout Prep is Kb Row review.   Workout is Rounds For Quality of Kb Rows & Stepups.  Extra Credit is Aerobic Flush.     


Breathe & Burn workout and Lower Body Accessory.  Warmup is Hinge prep.  Workout Prep is Russian KbS review.   Workout is 20 minutes of Russian KbS, Burpees, & a Shuttle Run. 

Extra Credit is Post. Chain Mobility.                    

                Goal: 6+ Rounds.


Single Arm Db Push Press and a Muscular Burn workout.  Warmup is Shoulder & Core prep.  Workout Prep is Movement review & demo.   Workout is Tabata Pullups, into Tabata Pushups, into Tabata Abmat Situps, into Air Squats.  Extra Credit is Aerobic Flush.                    

                Goal: 300+ Reps.

Friday is a Breathe & Burn workout and Core Accessory.  Warmup is Leg & Jump prep.  Workout Prep is Doubleunder review & practice.   Workout is rounds of Kb Front Rack Lunges, Box Jumps, & Doubleunders.  Finisher is Core Accessory.  Extra Credit is Shoulder Girdle Mobility.                    

                Goal: <16:00.


Clean Complex and a Breathe & Burn workout.  Warmup is Clean Prep.  Clean Complex is Build to a Heavy Hang Power Clean & Power Clean.  Workout Prep is Toes to Bar review.   Workout is Ascending reps of Power Cleans & Toes to Bar.  Extra Credit is Aerobic Flush.                    

                Goal: 120+ Reps.

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