This week – 28/09/20

Happy Sunday guys! 


Back Squat & Ring Rows. 20 Rep Back Squat superset with Ring Rows. Warmup is Squat Prep. 

Extra Credit is Lower Body Mobility.                    

                Goal: <15:00.


Breathe & Burn workout.  Warmup is General movement prep.  Workout Prep is Doubleunder review & practice.   Workout is a 5 min AMRAP of Airbike & Burpees then a 2:30 rest into a 5 min AMRAP of Doubleunders & Wallballs, rest 2:30 then repeat.  Extra Credit is Aerobic Flush.    

                Goal: 400+ Reps.


Deadlift Technique.  Warmup is Post. Chain & Pulling prep.  Workout Prep is Movement review & demo.   Workoutis Descending running and Deadlift reps for time.  Extra Credit is Back Mobility.                    

                Goal: <15:00.


Muscular Burn workout and Leg/Hip Prehab.  Warmup is Squat & Pushup prep.  Workout Prep is Movement review & demo.   Workout is 25 minutes of Goblet Squats, Pushups, & Situps.  Finisher is Leg/Hip Prehab.  Extra Credit is Aerobic Flush.                    

                Goal: 6+ Rounds.


Breathe & Burn workout.  Warmup is movement prep. 5 Rounds For Time  Power Snatch, Overhead Squats & Box Jumps

Extra Credit is Shoulder Girdle Mobility.                   

                Goal: <14:00.


Snatch Complex Warmup is Snatch prep.  Snatch Complex is Building to a Heavy Hang Power Snatch + Power Snatch + OHS.  Workout Prep is Review & practice cycling snatches.   Workout is rounds of Power Snatch

Extra Credit is Mobility.                   

                Goal: <14:00.


Breathe & Burn workout and Core accessory.  Warmup is Pullup & Hinge prep.  Workout Prep is CtB Pullup review & practice.   Workout is Rounds of SA Russian KbS & CtB Pullups into 10 Rounds of Russian KbS & Pullups.  Finisher is Core Accessory.  Extra Credit is Aerobic Flush.                       

                Goal: <20:00.

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