World Mental Health Day

This year has been a tough one for us all. The months of lockdown have had a huge impact on everyone’s mental health and everyones lives have changed. We’ve had months of uncertainty in our careers, social lives and our families.  This lingering fear of the unknown has been strange and worrying for us all, and for a lot of us our only escape of fitness had all but disappeared.  As a community we developed and overcame, training at home and using the power of social media to pull together and check in on each other. This is why I love our community.

But what now? We’re back in the box, we’re back training with our friends, but for some of us the feelings and aftermath can still be felt. Now more than ever it’s important we pull together and keep an eye out for one another. Mental health is so important and can affect anyone at any given time, but how can CrossFit help? 

Exercise is a great way to improve or maintain your mental health. It helps to boost your mood and energy levels, reduce stress and tension, as well as improve emotions and regulate sleep patterns. Exercise promotes all sorts of changes in the brain, including neural growth and new activity patterns, which gives off a feeling of calmness. It also releases endorphins; chemicals that energise you and make you feel positive

Here at CrossFit Ampthill, our focus is to be your place to escape. The place you get to be you for that hour of the day. Where you can be told you’re doing a great job.

We asked a handful of you guys how you felt the community had helped your mental health. 

  • CrossFit literally saved my life. The community, the feeling of achievement and of course the serotonin. For 6 months the only time I left the house was to go to CrossFit and to the hospital. It was the warm light in a sea of darkness. Exercise really does work to help you get back to the person you are. It works by distracting you from everything else and shows you that you can achieve something no matter how small. Even turning up is a win! 
  • CrossFit has not only helped with developing my fitness which was desperately in need it’s helped me find a way to release everyday stresses which I was struggling to do. 
  • CrossFit isn’t only a gym to me it’s a community where I feel welcomed and safe and this is essential when dealing with mental health. 
  • CrossFit Ampthill isn’t just a place to workout, but a safe place. A place and a community that anyone can be part of! 

Remember, we’re always here to help and support you, just reach out.

Coach Laura.

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